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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy of TradingClass.com

Managed and owned by Master Trading Class Private Limited

Corporate Office Address: Master Trading Class Private Limited, 205, 2nd Floor, Hiline building, Road. No. 12 Banjara hills. Hyderabad, Telangana. – 500034.

Support Email: help@tradingclass.com

Website: www.tradingclass.com


This Privacy Policy was last updated on August 28, 2023.

Thank you for choosing TradingClass.com. At TradingClass.com, owned and managed by Master Trading Class Private Limited (“Trading Class”, “we”, “us”), we highly value your privacy and aim to maintain transparency regarding the data we gather and its utilization. This Privacy Policy details our data collection and sharing methods and delineates your rights pertaining to your personal data.

This Privacy Policy pertains to your use or visitation of TradingClass.com websites, mobile applications, APIs, or related services (the “Services”). The scope also extends to potential clients for our business and enterprise products.

By utilizing the Services, you consent to the stipulations of this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with this Privacy Policy or any other guiding agreement, we advise refraining from using our Services.


Table of Contents

1. What Data We Get

2. How We Get Data About You

3. What We Use Your Data For

4. Who We Share Your Data With

5. Security

6. Your Rights

7. Jurisdiction-Specific Rules

8. Updates & Contact Info


1. What Data We Get

Your interactions with TradingClass.com may lead us to collect certain data either directly from you, through your usage patterns, or from third-party platforms you might link with TradingClass.com. All data mentioned is subject to processes including collection, recording, structuring, storing, modification, retrieval, encryption, pseudonymizing, erasure, amalgamation, and transmission.

1.1 Data You Provide to Us

The type and extent of data we gather is contingent on your interactions with our Services. Here’s an elucidation:

– Account Data: To avail specific features (like accessing content), an account is obligatory. This entails us gathering data such as your email address, password, and account preferences. For certain roles, additional data like occupation, ID proofs, verification photos, birth date, skill sets, and phone numbers may be solicited. Every account is assigned a unique identifier by us.

– Profile Data: Optional profile enhancements include photos, bios, country, language, website links, and social media connections. This is publicly visible.

– Shared Content: Our platform allows user interactivity. This includes course uploads, reviews, Q&A, messages, and more. Location of posting determines its public visibility.

– Learning Data: Engagement data, like courses you’ve accessed, assignments undertaken, discussions with peers and instructors, and more are collected.

– Student Payment Data: Purchases necessitate billing data. Payment details are directly processed by our trusted service providers, and TradingClass.com retains minimal information for transactional convenience.

– Instructor Payment Data: Instructors linking their payment accounts will need to provide requisite data to facilitate transfers. For legal compliance, tax details might be procured.

– Data About Your Accounts on Other Services: Linking third-party accounts (e.g., social media) may allow us to fetch certain data based on permissions granted.

– Sweepstakes, Promotions, and Surveys: Participation in promotions or surveys may require us to collect specific personal data.

– Communications and Support: Reaching out to us for support or feedback requires us to collect and store relevant communication.


1.2 Data We Collect through Automated Means

Your engagement with our Services lets us gather certain data automatically, including:

– System Data: Device, OS, and browser-specific technical data.

– Usage Data: Statistical data pertaining to your interactions with our Services.

– Approximate Geographic Data: A rough estimate of your location based on IP address.


1.3 Data From Third Parties

For enterprise or business-related interactions, additional business contact details may be sourced from third-party commercial databases.


2. Method of Data Collection

At TradingClass.com, we employ various tools such as cookies, web beacons, and analogous tracking methods to gather user information. Users can opt-out of certain data collection activities.

2.1 Utilization of Cookies and Other Data Collection Instruments

Our website uses cookies, tiny text files saved by your browser, to collect, preserve, and share data concerning your web activities. Cookies enhance your browsing experience on TradingClass.com by saving preferences like your chosen language. For an exhaustive understanding of cookies, visit [Cookiepedia’s information page](https://cookiepedia.co.uk/all-about-cookies). Furthermore, we may embed clear pixels within emails to monitor email engagement.

Both TradingClass.com and third-party service providers (e.g., Google Analytics and affiliated advertisers) employ server logs, cookies, tags, scripts, bespoke links, browser fingerprints, and web beacons, collectively referred to as “Data Collection Tools”. These instruments automatically assemble specific system and usage data when our services are accessed. Data collected from these tools may be combined with other information, as elaborated in this privacy policy.

2.2 Purpose of Data Collection Tools

TradingClass.com utilizes these tools for:

– Strictly Necessary: Vital for our website’s accessibility, ensuring security, safeguarding against malicious activities, and maintaining proper website functionality. Disabling these might impair website performance.

– Functional: These remember user preferences, optimizing content relevance and retaining settings which enhance the user experience.

– Performance: Facilitates in measuring website performance, understanding user behavior, and optimizing user experience.

– Advertising: Employs user data to curate personalized advertisements, enhancing relevance and user engagement.

– Social Media: Allows users to share content on various social platforms and may track user activities for targeted advertising.

You can modify your browser settings to manage your cookie preferences. However, this may impact your experience on our website. For details on controlling these tools, refer to section 6.1.


3. Usage of Your Data

We leverage the data collected to provide, enhance, and safeguard our services, ensuring a seamless experience for our users and meeting legal and integrity standards.

Specifically, we:

– Deliver and manage our services, including facilitating participation, customizing content, and enhancing communication.

– Process payments and address your queries or orders for content, products, or specific features.

– Engage with you about your account, answering queries, sending administrative and promotional messages, and offering course progress information.

– Maintain technical aspects of the website, resolve issues, ensure security, and detect any unauthorized or malicious activity.

– Gather feedback to continuously refine our offerings.

– Market our products, services, and promotions while also tailoring ads to user preferences and behaviors.

– Advertise our services on external platforms and comply with legal requirements.

– Undertake actions deemed necessary for ensuring the safety and integrity of our users and services.


4. Data Sharing Practices


This privacy policy sets out the data management practices of TradingClass.com, a service managed and owned by Master Trading Class Private Limited, whose registered office is at TradingClass.com(Master Trading Class Private Limited), 205, 2nd Floor, Hiline building, Road. No. 12 Banjara hills. Hyderabad, Telangana. – 500034.

With Educators and Students:

– Your data (excluding email addresses) is shared with educators or tutors regarding courses you engage with. This helps in course improvement for the broader student community. It encompasses data such as your location, browsing language, device specifics, referral site, enrolled classes, and feedback. Emails remain confidential.

– Your profile and shared content might be accessible to others based on your preferences. Questions posed may also display your details.

Service Facilitators and Consultants:

– We collaborate with third-party services for tasks like payment gateways, anti-fraud measures, data interpretation, marketing initiatives, email services, and customer support. These entities may access your data under our guidance and solely for our service requirements.

Affiliated Partners:

– Data may be circulated within our affiliated companies to aid or bolster the services we deliver.

Strategic Associates:

– Partnerships with other platforms may necessitate sharing your data, contingent upon your location, to enhance our service reach.

Accrediting Institutions:

– If courses are pursued for professional education credits, relevant details might be shared upon requests from the accrediting body.

Analytical and Data Augmentation Services:

– Tools like Google Analytics or Zoom Info may be engaged, sharing certain contact details or anonymized data. This facilitates a tailored communication approach.

Social Media Integration:

– Features, such as social media buttons, might relay data like IP addresses or visited pages to these third-party services.

Promotions and Surveys:

– Participating in promotions or surveys might necessitate data sharing in alignment with legal frameworks or the specific rules of the event.


– If we explore ad-based revenue models, certain data might be shared with third-party advertisers to present demographics or preferences.

Legal and Security Compliance:

– Data might be revealed under legal compulsions, to counter fraud, or uphold our service agreements.

Organizational Transitions:

– During mergers or acquisitions, data might be transferred to the succeeding entity.

After Anonymization:

– Anonymized data may be utilized or disclosed without restrictions.

Upon Consent:

– Outside of this policy, with your agreement, data may be shared.


5. Data Security

Your data security is our priority. We adopt suitable measures based on the data’s nature and sensitivity. Regrettably, no system guarantees complete security. Hence, it’s vital to safeguard your password and notify us of any suspicious activity.

Master Trading Class Private Limited implements security protocols to shield against unauthorized interventions. However, 100% security isn’t feasible. Hence, unauthorized access to communications between you and TradingClass.com can’t be fully ruled out. Password protection lies with you, and any security lapse should be promptly reported to our support team at help@tradingclass.com.


6. Your Rights

At TradingClass.com, managed by Master Trading Class Private Limited, we respect and acknowledge the significance of your data rights. This section outlines those rights and the steps you can take to exercise them.

6.1 Your Choices About the Use of Your Data

– You are free to provide or withhold any data to us, although withholding may result in limited access to certain features of our Services.

– For unsubscribing from promotional communications, utilize the opt-out link found in the emails or modify your account’s email preferences. However, you will continue to receive crucial service-related messages from us, such as service updates or changes in our policies.

– For users within the European Economic Area (EEA), control over certain Data Collection Tools can be accessed by selecting the “Cookie settings” link at the page’s bottom.

– Most browsers or devices come with settings that allow control over cookies and local data storage. To learn about managing cookies, please visit: [https://cookiepedia.co.uk/how-to-manage-cookies](https://cookiepedia.co.uk/how-to-manage-cookies).

– Users can also explore the Network Advertising Initiative, Digital Advertising Alliance, and, for those in the EEA, the Your Online Choices site for tailored advertising controls.

– For questions regarding your data, its use, or your rights, please contact us at [help@tradingclass.com](mailto:help@tradingclass.com).

6.2 Accessing, Updating, and Deleting Your Personal Data

– You can directly modify or update the data you’ve shared by logging into your TradingClass.com account.

– To deactivate your account, visit the account settings and follow the detailed procedure. For any issues in deactivating, please contact our support team at the above email.

– Note: Post account termination, certain data may remain visible or be retained by us for legitimate purposes such as legal obligations or resolving disputes.

– For accessing, correcting, or deleting your personal data, reach out to us using our online contact form or email us directly. Kindly allow up to 30 days for a response.

– Please ensure the request matches the email tied to your account. We may also verify your identity for added security. Some data may be retained where there’s a lawful reason.

6.3 Our Stance on Minors

TradingClass.com gives paramount importance to the privacy of minors and prompts parents or guardians to monitor their child’s online activities.

– Individuals under the age of 18 but above the consent age for online services in their region can have an account set up by their guardians.

– Anyone below the age for consent of online services is prohibited from utilizing our services.

– If we’re alerted to the collection of data from a child below the age of consent, we will take diligent measures to delete it.

– Concerned parents believing their child’s data might have been unknowingly collected can contact us at [help@tradingclass.com](mailto:help@tradingclass.com).

Jurisdiction & Contact

All matters related to TradingClass.com are governed under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. For any privacy concerns, please reach out to:

Master Trading Class Private Limited is located at –

205, 2nd Floor, Hiline building, Road. No. 12 Banjara hills, Hyderabad, Telangana. – 500034.

Email: help@tradingclass.com

Website: www.tradingclass.com


7. Updates & Contact Information

Whenever significant alterations are made to this policy, we will duly inform our users. This could be through email, notifications within our platform, or any other method mandated by law. The changes come into force on the day of their publication. For any inquiries, grievances, or disagreements, kindly get in touch with us through the channels provided below.

7.1 Changes to This Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy might undergo changes occasionally. In the event of a substantial modification, you’ll be informed either via email, a posted notification on our Services, or as dictated by the law. We will highlight the major changes for better understanding. Unless expressed otherwise, the updates take effect on the day they’re announced.

By continuing to utilize our Services post the amendment’s effective date, you acknowledge, accept, and agree to be bound by the updated Privacy Policy. The current Privacy Policy replaces any prior versions.

7.2 Interpretation

Terms that are capitalized yet not elucidated in this policy will hold the meaning as outlined in TradingClass.com’s Terms of Service. If this Privacy Policy is provided in a language other than English for user convenience, and there’s a discrepancy between the versions, the English version will prevail.

7.3 Reach Out

Should you have any queries, doubts, or conflicts related to our Privacy Policy, our dedicated privacy team is here to assist. Connect with us at help@tradingclass.com.

If you prefer traditional mail, you can write to us at:

Master Trading Class Private Limited,

205, 2nd Floor, Hiline building, Road. No. 12 Banjara hills, Hyderabad, Telangana. – 500034.