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Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy for TradingClass.com


Last Updated: 23 August 2023.


TradingClass.com, powered by Master Trading Class Private Limited, serves as a platform for financial trading education. We provide a plethora of courses through our online portal. We neither review nor edit content for legal ramifications, and therefore cannot ascertain the legality of every piece of content uploaded. That said, we at TradingClass.com respect intellectual property rights and anticipate the same integrity from our instructors. Instructors, upon uploading content, implicitly assure they possess necessary permissions or rights for its usage.

Infringing activities are strictly prohibited on our platform.

This policy delineates our response to copyright and trademark takedown notices from rightful content and trademark owners concerning content on TradingClass.com. Moreover, it provides guidance in cases where TradingClass.com course content is copied without authorization on third-party platforms.


1. Copyright Takedown Notices

Our approach is to remove content flagged in a copyright takedown notice from the original content owner. If any instructor is found to be a recurrent infringer (i.e., more than two valid copyright takedown notices), we will remove all their content. The right to terminate the instructor’s account remains at our discretion, especially in instances of copyright violations.

1.1 How to File a Copyright Takedown Notice

Should you wish to report potentially infringing content on TradingClass.com and are the rights owner or an authorized agent, the optimal method is via our copyright complaint form. Alternatively, alleged copyright infringements can be reported to our designated agent (details below).


– Only copyright owners or their authorized agents can submit a takedown notice.

– Deliberately submitting a false/misleading claim is unlawful, bearing legal consequences.

– Evaluate if the content use might be “fair use” under copyright law.

– Ensure the content in question is copyright-protected.

– Your claim must be sufficiently detailed.

1.2 Counter-Notification

In case we receive a genuine copyright takedown notice, we’ll inform the instructor and temporarily remove the flagged content. If you believe an error has been made or you have the necessary permissions, a counter-notification can be submitted.

Please remember:

– Misleading counter-notifications can lead to legal repercussions.

– Utilize the form we provide for counter-notifications.


Trademark Takedown Notices

TradingClass.com, a venture under the management of Master Trading Class Private Limited, is committed to safeguarding the intellectual property rights of all entities. Our policy is centered around promptly addressing and removing content that infringes third-party trademarks. All instructors and content creators on our platform are expected to respect and uphold the trademark rights of others.

How to Submit a Trademark Takedown Notice to TradingClass.com

To streamline the process, we urge you to utilize our specialized trademark complaint form. Be informed that the content creator will receive a copy of your complaint for full transparency.

For a successful submission, please ensure you include:

a. Comprehensive contact details: Full name, address, email, and/or phone number.

b. Details of the trademark in contention: word, symbol, or logo.

c. Proof of your trademark rights: Registration number or any pertinent documents.

d. The jurisdiction under which you claim these trademark rights.

e. Specification of the goods/services protected under this trademark.

f. Accurate course URL(s) and specifics of where the trademark is misused.

g. Explanation of the perceived infringement.

h. If you aren’t the direct rights holder, clarify your relationship with them.

i. Affirmation: “I genuinely believe that the use of the trademark, as detailed above, is unauthorized by the trademark owner, its agent, or the law.”

j. Statement: “I hereby declare, under potential penalty of perjury, that the details provided are accurate and that I am authorized to act on the behalf of the owner of the infringed trademark.”

k. Consent that TradingClass.com may share your grievance and contact information with the involved party.

l. An electronic (“/s/ [Your Name]”) or physical signature.

Knowingly submitting a fraudulent or misleading claim might result in legal consequences. Master Trading Class Private Limited reserves the right to take legal action against any party providing false claims.

Additionally, consider the “fair use” aspect of trademark laws. Ensure that the trademark’s usage doesn’t fall under this before filing a complaint.


Infringement of Content on External Platforms

Master Trading Class Private Limited recognizes the need to protect your content from unauthorized distribution across different platforms. We’re dedicated to combating such infringements and have strategic measures to curtail unauthorized dissemination. If you stumble upon your content being used without consent on another platform, alert us through our third-party piracy reporting form.


Contact Information for Notices

For swift communication regarding intellectual property concerns, reach out to our dedicated team through:

– Email: help@tradingclass.com

– Postal Mail: Master Trading Class Private Limited is located at –

205, 2nd Floor, Hiline building, Road. No. 12 Banjara hills, Hyderabad, Telangana. – 500034.

Your cooperation in preserving a respectful and lawful environment on TradingClass.com is greatly appreciated.

Any changes to this policy will be updated here, and we encourage users and instructors to review this page periodically.

By using TradingClass.com, you agree to this Intellectual Property Policy.