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Instructor Terms and Conditions


Instructor Terms for TradingClass.com

These Instructor Terms were last revised on August 30, 2023.

By registering as an instructor or educator with TradingClass.com, which is owned and managed by Master Trading Class Private Limited, you agree to abide by these Instructor Terms (“Terms”). These Terms provide insights concerning TradingClass.com’s web platform tailored for instructors and are incorporated by reference into our standard Terms of Use. Any terms not defined here will be as per our Terms of Use.

As an instructor or educator, you are directly contracting with Master Trading Class Private Limited, based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


1. Instructor Obligations

You are responsible for any content, including lessons, quizzes, assignments, resources, responses, and announcements, you upload (“Submitted Content”).

You confirm that:

– All account information provided is accurate.

– You have the legal right to use your provided content, and you give TradingClass.com permission to use it.

– Your content does not violate any third-party intellectual property rights.

– You possess the necessary qualifications, credentials, and expertise to instruct and provide the services through your content.

– You will maintain the quality of service in line with industry standards.

You also agree not to:

– Post misleading, inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content.

– Send unsolicited promotional material.

– Use the platform for non-instructional purposes.

– Require TradingClass.com to obtain licenses from or pay royalties to any third party.

– Misrepresent another person or use their account.

– Disrupt other instructors or misuse resources, including customer support.


2. License to TradingClass.com

You grant TradingClass.com the rights, as outlined in our Terms of Use, to use, market, and exploit your Submitted Content. You can remove your content at any time. Unless specified, TradingClass.com’s rights to your content cease 60 days after removal, but any rights granted to learners or for marketing purposes remain intact.

We may use parts of your content for quality assurance and promotional purposes. You permit TradingClass.com to use your name, likeness, and voice for promoting the platform and your content.


3. Trust & Safety

3.1 Policies

You must comply with TradingClass.com’s safety guidelines, terms of use and any other content-related standards/policies. We hold the right to remove content or instructors for any reason, especially if they breach our policies or legal terms.

3.2 Collaborative Instructors and Assistants

You can add co-instructors or assistants to your content. They must also adhere to our terms. Violations by them may affect your content and account.

3.3 Relations with Students

You don’t have a direct contract with students. Any data received should be used solely for instructional purposes on TradingClass.com. Misuse of student data will result in legal consequences.

3.4 Protecting Your Content

We work with partners to prevent unauthorized use of your content. You allow TradingClass.com to enforce copyright laws on your behalf.


4. Pricing

4.1 Setting Prices

When listing your content on TradingClass.com, you can set a price or offer it for free. We may have promotional programs, where your content might be listed at a discount.

Currency conversions for pricing are determined by TradingClass.com’s fixed rates. Mobile app purchases might have a different conversion rate.

We may also offer your content for free to our employees and partners, or to restore access to students who previously purchased it.

4.2 Taxes

If a purchase is made in a region requiring transaction taxes, we’ll collect and remit them. For mobile app purchases, the platform provider (like Apple or Google) handles the taxes.

4.3 Promotional Programs

We offer optional promotional programs to help increase your content’s visibility and sales. Participation is voluntary, and you can change your status anytime.

Instructor Terms for TradingClass.com


5. Payments

5.1 Revenue Distribution

When a learner/trader/investor enrolls in your course, we determine the total sale based on the amount received by TradingClass.com (“Gross Amount”). From this, transaction taxes, mobile platform charges, a 3% service fee (4% in Japan) for non-mobile checkouts, and amounts paid to third parties for promotional activities are subtracted, yielding the “Net Amount”.

If you haven’t enrolled in TradingClass.com’s Promotional Programs, excluding sales via instructor-created coupons or referral links, you will receive 45% of the Net Amount minus applicable deductions. If this rate is adjusted, we will notify you 30 days in advance.

For those opting into the Promotional Programs, the revenue split will differ, as per the Promotions Policy.

All payments to instructors will be made in U.S. dollars (USD), regardless of the sale’s currency. Currency conversion fees or other processing fees are not TradingClass.com’s responsibility.

5.2 Instructor Coupons & Referral Links

Our platform permits you to create coupons and referral links. Selling them on external platforms or trading them for compensation is prohibited. If a student uses your coupon or referral at checkout, you’ll earn 97% of the Net Amount minus deductions.

5.3 Payment Procedure

For prompt payment, maintain an active PayPal, Payoneer, or U.S. bank account and keep us updated with the correct email. Provide essential tax documents and agree to tax withholding, if necessary. Payments are made within 45 days of the end of the month of the course fee receipt or course consumption.

You’re responsible for confirming your eligibility for payment by a U.S. entity. We may withhold payment due to fraud, IP rights infringement, or legal violations.

5.4 Refunds

Students can request refunds as per our Terms of Use. Refunds can be deducted from your next payment or requested from you if no further payments are due.


6. Trademarks

As an instructor, you can use our trademarks with specific guidelines. Follow our guidelines, avoid misleading usage, and do not imply our endorsement unless explicitly stated.


7. Account Termination

For account deletion, follow the available instructions. If learners/traders/investors have enrolled in your courses, your name and course may remain accessible post-deletion. For assistance, contact our support at help@tradingclass.com.


8. Other Terms

8.1 Terms Updates

We may periodically update these terms. You’ll be notified of significant changes. Continuous use after updates indicates your acceptance.

8.2 Language

English versions of these terms will prevail over any translations.

8.3 Our Relationship

No employment, partnership, or joint venture exists between us.

8.4 Terms Longevity

Sections 2, 3.3, 5.3, 5.4, 7, and 8 remain valid even after these terms end.


9. Contact

For queries, feedback, or concerns, reach out to our Support Team at help@tradingclass.com. We value your input.

For further assistance, you can reach out to help@tradingclass.com.